What Does a Baby Talent Agency Offer?

CESD Talent

The CESD Talent Agency ranks among the most prominent national voice-over, commercial, and print agencies. Since 2005 the agency has worked with some of the most prominent names in the fields of fine art commercials, voice-overs, as well as video games. The agency also has representation for children in a variety child-friendly roles.

CESD covers children as well as teens and adults. Other services provided by the agency include financial management and PR.


FunnyFace, the Baby and Toddler Model Agency represents a wide range of actors and actresses who are young. The agency has been in operation since the 1980s and strives to ensure inclusion of all people in the advertising industry. This is evident in the agency’s broad talent pool, which includes teenagers, toddlers and adults.

The agency’s Baby and Toddler Division represents talent for the preteens to teens. The agency has worked with a broad variety of clients including Coca-Cola, Maybelline, Disney, and O the Oprah Magazine. Their talented team has been employed for television commercials, print ads as well as catalogs.

Wilhelmina Models

Wilhelmina Models is a top modeling agency that has offices across the globe which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. They represent children of all ages, ranging from newborns to teens. The agency will contact parents with additional information after they have received photos of their child.

Wilhelmina has been a leading figure in the modeling industry since 1967 and has produced numerous super models. It was the agency that launched the careers Gia Carangi, Naomi Sims, and the first African-American supermodel. It is also the agency that represents the singer Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas and other celebs.

Brand Model and Talent

Brand Model and Talent Agency is a full-service agency affiliated with SAG with 37 employees. Its services include the development of brand and model management and has established an established client base. It offers modeling opportunities to both teens and adults. Its aim is to help you establish yourself as an actor.

BMG is a well-known modeling agency with offices in a variety of major cities. The company has been operating for 40 years. It also has several divisions including one for families and another for product/food design. The agency also has an online application system for potential talent.

Talent and Zuri Model

The Zuri Model and Talent Agency offers full-service modeling services with offices in New York, LA and the Pacific Northwest. modeling agencies is a representation for infants to young adults and has clients in the film, print commercial and television industries. ALEXA has been with the agency for three years and absolutely loves it!

Zuri is a franchised SAG-AFTRA agency and agent. It is a member the Better Business Bureau which means it is reliable. Zuri also has a good reputation on the internet. Websites such as Pint Size Social, Hollywood Mom Blog, and others recommend Zuri.